Cocktail Program

Our guests enjoy an elevated hand crafted cocktail service.
Classic Cocktails, Signature Specialities, Craft Brewed Beers, Wines from the Valle de Guadalupe Region of the Baja (the “Napa Valley of Mexico”), California and French Champagnes and a little something we like to call Bartender’s Select…choose two sensory elements, Dirty, Smoky, Sweet, Smooth, Salty, Spicy and similar from our menu list and our professional bartenders will compose a creative cocktail that will showcase their formidable talents to satisfy your precise taste.


Each cocktail should be unique and memorable, we focus on making every offering from our bar a true drinking experience, showcasing premium spirits, house infusions and bitters, fresh seasonal fruits and herbs fragrant from regional farms and locally sourced. Mixed with eye-popping ambiance, bespoke service, exquisite décor, outstanding companionship and DJ entertainment creates the perfect combination to enjoy the best of the Splash experience.



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